Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Nintendo's New Tablet - Not We, Just You

Hoo boy, am I feeling agitated about Nintendo's new videogame console.  This will take a few posts to completely vent, so let's start here...

CVG reports that Nintendo has said the U tablet will not be sold separately. There will be only one packaged with the hardware. Nintendo is "considering their options with maybe two controllers."

This has just baffled me. I'm not even angry or upset, just...baffled. Have these people lost their minds? What's going to happen when the controller breaks? What's the plan when the kids spill chocolate milk all over the touch screen because they want Mario to take a drink? What's the plan if the buttons are faulty? What's the plan if you just drop the thing? Well, what?

Now the name of the system takes on a new, cynical meaning: You. Not we. Just you.

And how much do you wanna bet that the Wii Sports clip from the debut video will become a launch title? It won't actually be a new Wii Sports, but the 2006 game with tablet control as an added gimmick. Same goes for Super Mario Bros Mii. What exactly is Nintendo doing, anyway? No games for Wii or DS. Only one new game for 3DS. Nothing but cheap demos for U. Droppo, you're the laziest man on Mars!

This is going to be a long year for Nintendo.

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