Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Games You Missed #514 - Terra Phantastica

Terra Phantastica is a strategy RPG created by Sega in 1996 for Saturn. It's similar in style to Tactics Ogre and other such knock-offs. Funny how there was a glut of these titles on the Gameboy Advance a few years ago, yet when the genre was still new and Sega had the 32-bit playfield all to themseves, they let this one pass.

And Sega declined to release this game in the US why?! You'd think by 1996 they would have realized the folly of competing with Sony directly, and instead play to the Saturn's strengths. Today, I think that would be recognized as a sound strategy. Games like this were all but abandoned in the 32-bit era, but there were many gamers still eager to continue the old ways. Surely these can't be seen as simple or childish graphics.

I can't tell you what the game plays like just yet; I still have to burn it on a disc and try it out. But I was lucky enough to find these excellent screenshots from an ancient (1996) website. I'll definitely have to give Terra Phantastica a try.

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