Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Saturn List - Memorial Day Edition

Let's take a quick look at what games I have on my Saturn right now. Hopefully this list will help you on your own treasure hunting, and maybe you'll see a couple games that are new to you.

Normal Games:

Daytona USA
Grid Runner
NHL Powerplay '96
Panzer Dragoon Trilogy
Pebble Beach Golf Links
Sega Rally Championship
Steep Slope Sliders
Virtua Cop
Virtua Fighter 2
World Series Baseball '98
Worldwide Soccer: Victory Goal
Worldwide Soccer '97

US Games (cd-r):

Albert Odyssey
Baku Baku Animal
Burning Rangers
Bust a Move 3
Christmas NiGHTS
Darius Gaiden
Dark Savior
Dragon Force
Duke Nukem 3D
Fighters Megamix
Fighting Vipers
Galactic Attack
Guardian Heroes
In the Hunt
Iron Storm
House of the Dead
Last Bronx
Last Gladiators Digital Pinball
Legend of Oasis
Magic Knight Rayearth
Marvel Super Heroes
Mass Destruction
NiGHTS: Into Dreams
Nightstalkers: Darkwarriors Revenge
Resident Evil
Saturn Bomberman
Sega Ages
Sega Touring Car Championship
Shining Force 3
Shining Wisdom
Sky Target
Slam 'N Jam '96
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Tempest 2000
Three Dirty Dwarves
Tomb Raider
Winter Heat
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter Kids
Virtual On
XMen: Children of the Atom

Japanese Games (cd-r):

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Dead or Alive - fighting (no music)
Final Fight Revenge (4M) - fighting
Keio Flying Squadron 2 - action/shmup (scrambled music)
Monster Slider - puzzle
Radiant Silvergun - shmup
Silhouette Mirage - action (scrambled music)
Soukyugurentai - shmup
Strikers 1945 II - shmup
Super Puzzle Fighter 2X - puzzle
Thunder Force 5 - shmup
Touge King of Spirits 2 - racing (scrambled music)
Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon - action/rpg

Unreleased Games:

Return Fire - capture-the-flag

Looking at the games in the Saturn library, it's easy to see just what the American bosses like Bernie Stolar had in mind for "what would sell." And it's astonishing that so many great titles were rebuffed, only because they were "too Japanese" - a euphemism that really means, "not manly and macho enough." Whatever.


fatherkrishna said...

That's an impressive list. Do you downlad the CDrs yourself? My Saturn is not chipped - I've tried to download Return Fire myself, but the CDr wouldn't work! DOH!

Saturn games only cost about £1.50 (apart from rarities like HOTD which fetches up to £25) So iis easy to pick up original copies...

Now if only the damn games didn't fall apart...

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Cough...SnesOrama...cough. Ahem.

There are plenty of websites on the internet to find Saturn games, and you can find them via the links section. You don't need to chip your Saturn in order to play CD-R's or imports, but it makes things much easier.

As for finding games, it depends on what you're looking for. It's all about options, and using what works best for you, whether you are a casual gamer or want to become a full-fledged collector. There's room in the pool for everyone.

Return Fire works fine, you just need to learn how to best burn Saturn games. And that takes a lot of practice. I built a steady collection of coasters before I figured everything out.