Saturday, May 05, 2007

Harbinger of the Future

I stopped by a nearby Gamestop this afternoon, and while they had the usual boxes for new games consoles, they also had several boxes for used Nintendo Wii - $229.

Didn't bother to ask if those boxes meant the store actually had some in stock, but I think it's a good harbinger of things to come. One of the smarter reasons for waiting out the launch window of a new console is that, eventually, those kids who were first in line are going to become bored with their new toys, and sell them off as soon as the novelty - and the thrill of the hunt, which is what it's really all about, kids - wears off. That means you can score some good stuff for a cheaper price.

Since Nintendo is literally raking in more money than they can handle, a Wii price drop isn't likely anytime soon. Depends on what Sony and Microsoft have planned, of course, and how long Wii can keep its momentum. But for right now, finding a used Wii at a Gamestop or similar retailer is your best bet. If this hasn't already begun in earnest, it will, and very soon.

Now, if we could only convince Nintendo to seriously drop the price of the VC games....

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