Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Word of Advice

A friendly word of advice, for all the left-of-center people in particular: Please don't start piling on President Obama before he's even sworn in.

Don't assume that Puritanical tyranny is the sole domain of the Republican right. The left has its own strain as well, and they eagerly piled on Bill Clinton all through the 1990's for being a pro-business moderate. And the rumblings are already there for Obama, barely days after winning his election, here and there on the blogosphere. Whether it's Joe Lieberman or possible cabinet picks or the swirling gossip surrounding Washington (the city where high school never ends).

In Minnesota, at least, the Comic Book Guy types tend to migrate to the third parties, leaving the DFL pretty much alone. That essentially left them powerless innefectual, but failure offers its own sense of freedom. It's easy to criticize everybody else when you aren't burdened by responsibility. Everyone else is a turncoat or a sellout; you alone remain pure.

Whatever. It's infantile and it's stupid. It needs to stop. Thankfully, most Americans are more than willing to give Obama a fair chance. He's smart and disciplined enough to handle things properly. And he won't become the President until January 20. So calm down and relax.

My apologies for not blogging enough these past few days, btw. I've been swamped at work, and much of my spare time has been devoted to my latest stereo/turntable tweaks. Free advice, kids: Vibrapods are your friends.

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