Thursday, December 17, 2009

Helix on WiiWare - A Great Dance Fitness Game?

This week, I've been researching the growing number of exercise and fitness games for the Nintendo Wii.  Physical exercise is one of the great strengths of the Wii, even when you're only playing Wii Sports with some friends.  So I'm happy to discover a WiiWare budget title like Helix.

This game comes with recommendations by the Nutwiisystem Blog, which has chronicled detailed reviews on every Wii fitness title.  Helix is ranked #8 in the Top Ten list, so that gets my attention.

This appears to be a music rhythm game in the style of Dance Dance Revolution or Samba De Amigo.  You hold the controllers and move your arms to mimic the character on screen.  The selection of dance music sounds terrific, and everything is presented in classic arcade video game style.

The great thing with WiiWare games is the low price, usually around $10.  I find my expectations are much more generous at that price point than something like, say, $50.  Budgets are always tight, especially at the end of the year, so you will want your money's worth.  I'd say Helix might be worth a try.

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