Friday, December 18, 2009

War is Over (If You Want It)

Amen to that.  Another reason why The Daily Dish is among my favorite political blogs:

Perhaps it isn't worth keeping drugs illegal if the cost is the corruption of our border agents, murderous turf wars in our cities, billions of dollars spent jailing non-violent offenders, children of non-violent offenders growing up without their parents, the rise of paramilitary drug cartels destabilizing multiple Latin American countries and capable at any moment of using their smuggling channels to help terrorists, no-knock raids in American neighborhoods that regularly terrify innocents and sometimes kill them, and addicts who overdose more than they would if dosage and quality were controlled.

Politicians from both parties use the failed War on Drugs as a cheap way to appear tough and macho, and to beat up their opponents as weak.  It's basically Nixon, 1968, and we're still beating up hippies to prove our manhood.  It's a sick, useless joke, and sooner or later, we must get beyond this childishness.  I remember another empire that refused to change its failed policies, for fear of appearing weak.  It was called the Soviet Union, and now it is dust.

If you truly want to smash the drug cartels, bankrupt the terror groups, stablize the region and transform Latin America, then it's time to end this farce.  We can win the War on Drugs with the stroke of a pen.  And we do that by making the products they sell worthless.

War is Over...if you want it.

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