Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photos - Wii Music

Christmas is coming, and I'm seriously getting the Wii Music bug.  I still need to replace the copy I lost on the flight to Bogota, and Gamestop has it on sale for $20 (Animal Crossing, too).  There's always a long line of must-buy Nintendo Wii games...why did I believe otherwise?

Oh, and remember that I'm ultimately buying two copies of everything: one for Marcee, and one for me.  And I'm certain I'm not the only one.  There's a reason why Wii Play, Wii Sports Resort, and New Super Mario Bros are flying off store shelves.  Pricey, pricey, kids.

Anyway, since I'm the only video game critic carrying the flag for Wii Music, here are some really terrific screenshots.  I love all the different environments in this game.  Outer space may be the best for ambient sounds, but the black stage with giant video screen can't be beat for style.  Playing at the nightclub is also cool, especially with all the flames and lights.

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