Wednesday, August 08, 2007

EDGE Magazine Steals My Screenshot

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is now officially the most important videogame screenshot in the history of the internet. It's been lifted for numerous websites and MySpace spam pages, and now it appears in print, courtesy of EDGE.

This shot appears in EDGE's new 100 Greatest Games issue, which hit shelves a few weeks ago across the pond. Copies finally appeared at Barnes & Nobles here at the Megamall, so I found myself thumbing through it. Imagine my surprise, then, when this screenshot appears on the Nights page.

I took the above picture, and a few others, which appear on the Nights page at, using the Giri-Giri Saturn emulator a few years ago. As I occasionally brag and boast, these pictures are all my own doing. I spent several hours taking dozens of shots, trying to capture that right moment, and with this one I felt I really nailed it. It's just a terrific picture that illustrates all those different elements that make up the Nights universe, and it just flows. I'm really quite proud of this one, as I'm proud of all of them.

Taking great screenshots from games is a skill I take great pride in. I always remember the quick-and-easy way EGM created their own art assets in their earlier, poorer days. Most prozines, then and especially now, would stick to the official shots from the media packets. But more often than not, those shots are boring. Hardly anybody knows how to properly capture action in a screenshot. You have to demonstrate action and motion, show off some color and detail. And, most of all, you have to make the game itself look good. Not always an easy thing, but the classics always have enough moments for such magic to appear.

I'm really not happy that EDGE stole my Nights shot without asking. Hello, people! I write about videogames! I have experience as a published writer! My website is over four years old! Somebody hire me already! Did I mention I'm working a horrible day job - an office job - to pay the bills? Offer me a helping hand, already.

C'mon, EDGE. Give me a writing assignment. Somebody give me a writing assignment. Please? You already like my photo skills - how can you not like the writing? Have I mentioned that I really, really hate my day job? Extra income could save my sanity right about now.

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NebachadnezzaR said...

That's really fucked up. Now I know why so many sites use watermarks on theyr screens.