Monday, August 20, 2007

Deca Sports - The Next Wii Sports

We all know it's coming. If anything, the Wii library is practically screaming for it. What's that? More interactive games like Wii Sports (and, to a lesser extent, Wii Play). By all rights, the console should be flooded with these kind of games. The fact that this hasn't happened suggests that the hit game struck even Nintendo by surprise.

Fortunately, Hudson is set to deliver with its sports-themed Wii title, called Deca Sports. This game is scheduled for release in Japan before the end of this year, hopefully with a worldwide release around the same time. The game promises 10 events, including archery, go cart racing (!), supercross, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and badmitton. Sounds like a pretty impressive lineup to me; very inventive and thought-out, and Hudson deserves credit for thinking this one through. I suspect this won't be a cheap piggyback ride.

The magazine scans show the Wiimote motions for the different events, and this promises to be a real physical workout. Those of you expecting the next great workout regimen after Wii Sports should be pretty happy here. I'm impressed that such a full range of motions are employed; you are expected to perform the same body motions as you would in real life. The sporting events, especially, look very promising. Count me hooked. I'm looking forward to Deca Sports.

Thanks, as always, to the steadfast crew at 4 Color Rebellion for the scoop. Magazine scans courtesy of JeuxFrance. Enjoy.

Deca Sports Scans

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