Monday, August 20, 2007

Nintendo Continues to String You Along

From the Digitimes Systems website:

Due to the tight supply of components such as IC chips and PCBs, Nintendo's plans to expand production of its Wii games console, originally set for June, have been delayed, according to Taiwan-based component makers.

With the delay of its plans, any easing of the Wii shortages in the worldwide market is unlikely to be seen in the second half of 2007, said the component makers.

Since Nintendo launched Wii in November 2006, the company has only introduced the games console in select regions such as the US, Japan, Europe and Australia. Worldwide accumulated shipments of Wii totaled 9.27 million units by June 2007, according to sources.

Just so there's an understanding between everyone here.

It's really amazing how the power of seduction works. If you're one of those socially-awkward boys who are trying to get girls, take some notes from Nintendo. It took them a long time, but they finally mastered the art of seduction. Or, more honestly, the art of manipulating and stringing people along. Is that really the same thing? I sure hope not. I'm still enough of a stubborn romantic, so I'll insist there's a difference.

It's a hard lesson of life. Throw yourself at someone, and most of the time, they'll walk away bored. But give 'em a little bit and then withdraw, and they come begging for more. Nintendo has been performing this masterful little bit of seduction with the public ever since the Wii console launched. And there's no reason - obviously - to change the game plan when it's working so damned well. Nintendo's the playa now, baby.

Huh. We're all in agreement on this, right? We all know the chronic Wii shortages that have followed the system since the beginning are all fake, right? It's been more than long enough. Nintendo could have flooded the shelves by now if it wanted. But then you wouldn't feel so desperate to get in on the action. Admit it. The fact that every store carries a "sold out" sign just makes you want it more. You don't even know why.

Heck, how many Wii owners have expressed their disappointment, after the initial thrill has passed? This is a common theme on all the game blogs and websites. Wii Sports can't be this damned good. And what's left after that? What kind of future will we have together?

It seems, like most serial seducers, Nintendo Wii isn't good for much more beyond a one-night stand. You'll still tell yourself that a long-term relationship is possible, like those other nice consoles. But as long as Nintendo can string you along, it'll continue to laugh all the way to the bank, laughing its way back to the top of the heap. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Sony are relegated to "nice guy" status. Ho hum. You can find them anywhere.

It's a common trait among children to suddenly desire something the minute it's out of your reach. It's a problem with our childish, spoiled culture. But, eh, whatever. I'm just an old crank. A stubborn romantic. I've seen all this before, and I know where this ends.

Are we even talking about games anymore? Eh, maybe, maybe not. The same lessons of life apply. You can learn the easy way, or the hard way. Your choice, my dear.

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