Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Computer Went "POP" - Now It's Dead

It's a good thing I published those posts last night. Heh heh.

At sometime late in the evening, while i was burning a CD for my ongoing needle-drop project, the power on the computer cut out. Then I heard a distinctive POP sound. I think the poor machine died.

It's been a problem computer for some time. My last few machines were pieced together from a Twin Cities computer shop called Tran Micro, and every computer I've bought from them suffered the same fate - within a year, the main fan would give out. This thing has been running without a proper fan for at least a couple years. Ouch.

I tried to alleviate things by keeping the right side panel completely open, but even then, the machine was touchy. I think this is the last computer I'm buying from Tran Micro.

Right now, my only real concern is that hard drive. Everything I have is stored on it. I'm pretty sure it'll be safe, but that all depends on just what that POP was. Was there a power surge? Was anything important fried? Who knows? In any case, this sucks, and I really can't afford the expense right now.

Still, the apartment complex where I live has a small computer room - which explains this post, obviously. Strangely, I find myself a more productive writer when the computer or internet is down. We'll see. With luck I'll be able to piece together a new computer within a couple weeks.

Hmm....maybe I shouldn't have bought that electric guitar and all those records this weekend....

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