Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy - Famitsu Scans

Super Mario Galaxy - Famitsu Scans

That most venerated of Japanese game magazines, Famitsu, has published an amazing article on the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy. Every time I see more of this game, the more excited I get. As I wrote about in an earlier post, Mario Sunshine on Gamecube never really seemed to appeal to me. It remains a disappointment among the faithful fans. Well, fears that the series had finally run out of steam are unfounded. It appears that Mario has never been better.

I remember Next Generation's infamous Super Mario 64 article, with the bold headline, "The Greatest Videogame of All Time." I'm one of those who thought that was a fair call, especially in 1996. Now I'm wondering out loud where or when similar hype will be heaped upon Mario Galaxy. This game looks to be a certified videogame classic, pushing forward with bold new ideas, while paying tribute to Mario's platforming roots. Does anyone even make these kind of games anymore? It's all down to overblown movie pitches, and the same tired rotation of gangster game, gun game, racing game and sports game.

Doesn't Mario Galaxy look like one of those brilliant, "why didn't somebody come up with this sooner" sort of things? Super Mario 64 heralded a new era for videogames, but it seems few, if any, really took Shigeru Miyamoto's ideas and pushed them to the next level. That game remained a promise unfilled. Mario Galaxy promises to finally deliver on that decade-old promise. At least that's what I'm thinking right now.

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