Monday, June 09, 2008

I Should Probably Just Come Out and Admit It

I really am not happy with my turntable. There. I've finally admitted it, after long sighs, endless dancing around, and way too much rationalizing. I really am trying to like my Project Debut III. But I don't. So there.

I've read that this is a common response, especially from vinyl record junkies. You buy a table, only to see that regret set in far sooner than you hoped for. If only I saved up a little more. If only I waited. Maybe it's one of those things you just have to learn the hard way. But I really should have waited another week or two before grabbing another record player.

Skip the niceties. I don't like this table. It's cheap. It has no options for upgrading or tweaking. The packaged cartridge is a joke. I'm glad that I could improve the sound by cutting down on vibrations and moving the speakers around. But there's no color to the music. It looks like water in my mind. Watery shadows, but no color.

So that's my advice for all of you. I'm through with being diplomatic. I want everyone to discover the joys of analog music on records, but it's going to cost you. The Vinyl Anachronist was right all along, kids. $500 is the entry fee to play this game.

I'm hoping that with my next paycheck, on June 20, I can get another table. I'll be looking to sell the Debut to someone looking for an entry-level plug-and-play machine. Maybe I'll get a couple hundred for it. But whatever I find, it better be good. I'm tired of going home with these stopgap measures. I want a REAL turntable, one that lasts for years. I may just have to save up a few more weeks for that Rega table. If so, then so be it. Ya get whatcha pay fer.

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