Saturday, June 14, 2008

Metallica - Death Magnetic

Only three more months to go before the haters and whiners find something to dislike about the new Metallica album. But I think they'll at least be happy with the title, right?

Metallica played at Bonnaroo last night and were just fantastic. It's become so easily to take this band for granted, since they've been around for over a quarter century, but it really is amazing to see Metallica in action and at the top of their game. I never thought these guys would still be around, much less be physically able to play their old music. Should we expect any different? This band exists from some parallel universe, where Led Zeppelin never died.

Is there another band in this world that can generate such fierce love and hate? Can any other artist draw heated arguments for even their average albums? I doubt it. Metallica fans are a fickle bunch, far too childish and whiny for my tastes, but their passion is well earned.

Can I also point out just how awesome it is that a rock band of 45-year-olds can rock your world better than kids half their age? I'm still amazed that this long, strange trip is still going on, and as long as Metallica is still alive and angry, I'll always be that same 18-year-old who discovered Ride the Lightning in my college dorm room.

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