Sunday, June 29, 2008

Turntable Update

Short update I should have done ages ago. Yadda yadda. I couldn't afford to get a new turntable, so I decided to stick with the one I've got for now. For now, as in "the next month or so, depending on the cash."

Anyway, I have a new phono cartridge, the Denon DL-160, a terrific Moving Coil cart with loads of bass and warm, smooth tones. It's a terrific upgrade. I'll need to get an acrylic platter for the Debut III, since that stupid steel platter is a big no-no. Sigh. But I couldn't afford the platter yet, so that's coming this Friday. Hopefully. Really sucks to not have any money, eh?

Also, I've noticed that the prices on all the turntables are going up by $50-$100. Nice. Now the cost of upgrading is reaching a cool thousand, just for all the trimmings. Great.

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