Thursday, February 05, 2009

ABC News Royally Sucks

ABC News is stupid. Pathetic, drooling stupid.

The name of the game here - and this really gets to the heart at DC's pushback against Obama - is "class war." The ruling class has held sway without opposition for a generation, and now that the economic crisis threatens a return to New Deal policies, the wealthy are fighting hard to preserve their turf. Saving capitalism from itself, ultimately, means a redistribution of wealth in this nation, and as every good student of George Orwell knows, wealth means power.

The ideal solution for America's ruling class would be for the dumb peasants - that's you in the bottom 99% - to foot the bill for the bailout, without ever seeing a dime of that money returned in any fashion. So what if your bridges are collapsing and your schools crumbling? It's God's way of punishing you for not having good stock.

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