Saturday, February 14, 2009

"The Village"

There is a reason why Washington DC is referred to satirically as "The Village." Much like the Shamalayan movie of the same name, it's a very closed-off and isolated little place, a very cliquish culture where they operate by their own etiquette and their own rules. They live in their own reality, the national media, the cocktail circuit, the pundits, and to a great extent, the politicians as well.

But it's not reality. And those of us living in the Real World are completely different. And you see this in the polling.

Seriously, the best thing I ever did as an American citizen was to stop getting my news from television. Especially the damned cable networks. I read everything. I read the papers. I read the websites. I read the blogs. Do that and you will be far better informed, and far better able to make up your own damn minds. Don't let the High Skool Kool Kids dictate their little reality to you.

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