Friday, February 27, 2009

They Just Lie About Everything

Y'know, I'm wise enough to understand that an honest politician is a rarity, but I'm always swept with awe at the Republican Party's willingness to lie about literally everything. This truly is the party of C. Montgomery Burns, and their world of public policy is nothing more than the lastest scam to fool the suckers.

Remember Bobby Jindal's, ahem, speech after Obama's State of the Union? Yeah, that whole I-was-there-with-the-sherrif-when-Katrina-hit story...oops. Never really happened.

And, remember, kids, that was basically the meat and potatoes of the GOP response to Obama's economic policy. Why can't they just be honest for once and put some snarling Mr. Burns archetype in front of the cameras. Heck, at this point, they'd probably score a couple points for honesty.

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