Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Stupidity Never Stops

Hoo boy, this is just classic comedy. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Red State were revealed to be an elaborate joke site. It's just the sort of thing Andy Kaufman or Bill Hicks would have done. Ha ha ha ha....

I could see that the "War on Christmas" was finally wearing itself out this year, when I was visiting the wingnut relatives for Thanksgiving (and I say that with kindness). The fear machine had moved on to the next holiday. Now there was a "War on Thanksgiving." Ha ha ha ha ha. True story, and I'm sure the blogosphere picked up that as well.

Fortunately, "War on Thanksgiving" didn't stick, becuase even wingnuts realize the point to Thanksgiving is to share very large dinners with family members we normally don't get along with. Let's see you get stuck cleaning the pots and pans, and then see how fiercely you'll defend this holiday from the invisible spectres in the clouds.

So, clearly, we'll see "War on..." for every major American holiday, and given how the Republican base has lost all touch with reality, many of them will play along. Where will it end? War on President's Day! The Terr'sts Hate George Washington!

I hereby declare that anyone who is sober on March 17 officially hates St. Patrick. What do you have against the Irish, you commie?!

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