Sunday, May 17, 2009

Babes in Toyland - Spanking Machine

The first album by Minneapolis rock trio Babes in Toyland, Spanking Machine. It's a spectacular album, a fine tribute to the great American music underground that was headed for mainstream success at the turn of the '90s. This album has a terrific groove, a swinging rhythm section, and some almost apocalyptic guitar work. There's a certain tone to the guitars that are unique to this album, as though the volume wasn't cranked to maximum. It's not the full-on metal buzzsaw sound of Fontanelle, and frankly, I think Spanking Machine is all the better for it.

If I remember, this was either the first or second Babes in Toyland album I bought. I loved it to death. It was just spectacular. Like many a late bloomer, I was discovering this whole world of underground music that was becoming so popular. I was just thrilled to discover that kids, real kids, could be in rock bands and become stars. And they were able to top the regime of hair metal? they put michael bolton out of work? Wowwwww....

I'm sure that's part of the appeal to me. I hated the 1980's hair bands. And to think that they could be replaced by an all-girl band that was heavier, louder, and more pissed off than those phony pretty boys could ever hope to be? Wow. Sign me up for life.

It's going to become harder and harder to find Spanking Machine, so get your hands on it while you can, and start making copies and spreading them around as far and wide as you can. We need a seedbed for the next generation of grrl rockers.

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