Sunday, May 03, 2009

Max Headroom Illustrations

This excellent series of illustrations can be found here. The artist is unnamed, but clearly, he or she was a great admirer of the 1987 Max Headroom pirate broadcast. This is where the event becomes burned into legend. No doubt the whole mystery of the event is greatly responsible for that.

I really love these illustrations. Essentially screenshots drawn in ink, they capture the rebelliousness of the mystery pirate, as well as his eerie menace. There's something truly spooky and unnerving with the idea that your television broadcast could be hijacked without warning. Since the signals are beamed into your homes, you feel that your home has been violated. But isn't that what television does normally? And aren't we all hijacked every day by corporate and government propaganda?

Aarrrgh...your love is faaading......

A society in the age of mass media is far less free than it wishes to admit. Perhaps this is one message that Max Headroom wanted to send. After all, that was the same premise of the Max Headroom sci-fi show, right? And we can see this continued today, with V For Vendetta, and the Anonymous online movement. The legend grows.

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