Friday, May 29, 2009

Has The Vintage Knob Died?

The Vintage Knob is a fantastic museum site that chronicles the golden age of Japanese hi-fi from the 1970s and '80s. If you're a fan of direct drive turntables, then this site's database is an invaluable resource. Nowhere else have I been able to learn so much about my Sony PS-X5 turntable, and I've come to greatly appreciate just how advanced that table is, even three decades later.

But now it appears as though Vintage Knob is off the air. I noticed this a couple evenings ago. The website and all of its content suddenly went offline, including all of its invaluable photos and illustrations. What happened?!

I do hope the owner simply made a mistake; perhaps he forgot to renew his arrangements with whoever hosts the site. There are so precious few websites devoted to direct drive turntables; losing The Vintage Knob would be a terrible blow.

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