Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best Rock Album EVER

To Mother, 1990. The second album by Babes in Toyland. This album will knock you on your sorry ass and laugh its head off. I can't tell you how sorely I miss hearing Lori Barbaro playing the drums. What must we do to get her back in the music game?!

I can't remember how I got hooked on Babes in Toyland. Either I got wind of them in Duluth, or saw them on MTV, or heard them on radio in the Twin Cities. In any event, I was hooked bigtime. But that's a loooong story. I haven't listened to the Babes in many years, and just pulled the albums out this week. To my shock and amazement, it sounds better than ever. This really was one of the great rock bands.

And what the hell happened to women in the music business? Everything reverted back to the Barbie dolls with no talent. Looks Are The Only Thing That Count. It's like this nation just reverted in every way imaginable around, oh, I dunno....around the end of 2000? Can we pretend this decade hadn't happened and get our groove back? I'm not willing or ready to grow old.

Gimmie my Babes in Toyland!! This is their best album, although Nemesisters can also make that claim. Thanks to the internet, you can download all 5 studio albums and the John Peel CD in the space of an hour or two. Go ahead and do that now. Your brain will thank you later.

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