Saturday, May 02, 2009

Photos - Xenophobe

Now this is really fun. Xenophobe arrived on the Atari Lynx in 1990, and it's clearly the best action game on the color handheld. It's arguably the equal to the arcade original, thanks to a better control scheme, a wider cast of goofy characters, and some cooler weapons. Basically you just run around various space stations, zapping aliens and trying not to become lunch.

The best thing about Lynx Xenophobe are the four-player games. Yep, more 4P action! You can either work together to clear out the space stations, or someone can play one of the aliens themselves. Then you get to sneak up on your friends and eat them. is that not fun? A game where I can play a duck, that mad scientist from "Back to the Future, and a giant green alien? Why isn't this on a Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable right now?!

The poor Lynx was starved for action games. Heck, it was starved for any kind of game. What the heck were the Tramiels doing with their days? The original Atari freaks back in the '70s were far more productive with their time, and they were stoned off their asses.

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