Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Art Gallery - Duct Tape My Mind (2003)

February 20, 2003

Sometimes I wonder about this country we live in. Are Americans the most gullible people in the world? Are we the most paranoid? Why are we such complete suckers? Perhaps this is what you get when your society treats intelligence like a social disease. We're so edgy, so scared from what happened to us and what may happen again, so willing to blindly accept everything our leaders sell us. And we're being played for suckers and chumps. Don't believe me? My case in point can be summed up in two words: duct tape.

The Bush Administration, never tiring of issuing their vague "terrorist warnings," abruptly decided to move their color-coded terrorist threat level to "Code Orange." We were never given a reason why, not that we were ever given reasons in the past. You just have to trust us, they say. We have every good reason to believe that somehow, somewhere, something bad may or may not happen. We just can't tell you why we know, or how we figured this out. You just have to trust us.

Six weeks later, it will leak out that it was all a fraud, but the dumb proles never bother to read newspapers, so they never find out. Reading is for geeks and losers. The popular kids watch Fear Factor and buy duct tape, because, uh, um, it's what you're supposed to do.

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