Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blog Heads-Up

A heads-up to anyone visiting this blog. I've written a small mountain of material from my original website,, which most likely will begin migrating to this blog. I wrote a lot of videogame reviews and essays and such, and I'd like to keep it preserved under one big roof.

I know that videogames of the DAMNED can seem a bit of a beast; this blog has veered radically from games to music to politics and back again at the drop of a hat. I make no apologies for that; I did this in my 20s with my zines, influenced by the great, sprawling double albums like Physical Grafitti and the White Album and Songs in the Key of Life.

A lot of my writings from go back to 2003, which is getting further and further away. Hopefully, they are aging properly and will still be entertaining today. I've always threatened to turn this vast material into books, and I've worked on projects from time to time. We'll take a look and see where everything stands.

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