Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soundtrack to the Green Revolution

Led Zeppelin III - Celebration Day

I picked up a second copy of Led Zeppelin III today, what I thought was an early press with the infamous scribbling on the runout groove of the lp. it appears to be a bit later, 1972 at the earliest, and it definitely sounds heavier than my other copy, which is a bit light. Both Zeppelin albums, it turns out, sounds fantastic on my current stereo setup - the Ortofon 2M Blue has hit its third gear after a long break-in period, and sounds fantastic.

It's funny how different presses of the same album can sound so different. It's very often a matter of taste, in the end. So I'll need some time to decide which lp I prefer. Either the first is too light and tame, or the second is too dark and muddy. It's hard to find a great Led Zeppelin III in analog land.

In any case, enjoy the tune and keep the faith! We will win this marathon in the end.

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