Monday, June 15, 2009

More Riot Photos

These photos come courtesy of BBC Farsi. I'm assuming the "14" means these were taken on June 14, Sunday. You can find more photos and videos there, so pay them a visit.

The third photo shows the riot police on their bikes. This is their standard way of operating; one man rides, and the other weilds a baton to strike the people. It is rumored that many of these are not Iranians, but in fact Lebanese Hezbollah.

The fourth photo shows a man being attacked by a crowd. This confirms many reports on the ground of plain-clothes Hezbollah members. Such individuals are singled out and attacked by the people. The Iranian police are not treated in this manner. Of course, it is extremely difficult to determine what is happening in this photo for certain, so as always, take with a grain of salt. But I'm sure you can understand now some of the chaos of the situation on the ground.

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