Sunday, June 21, 2009

Green Revolution - Power to the People

This is fresh footage of peaceful demonstrators earlier today in Tehran. Once again, the Sea of Green stretches clear to the horizon. Yesterday was a dark and difficult day, and I hold no illusions that this fascist regime will fall without a fight. But the Iranian people took some hard punches, and they are still standing.

Obviously, I'm not a passive observer. Heck, the very idea of a "passive" observer has just gone extinct. So I'm not the best voice for an analysis of this crisis, or where it will go. But despite all that has happened yesterday, I see growing numbers of people all around the world. I haven't seen the world this united in a common cause since the run-up to the Iraq War in 2003. And that was with a certain sense of futility; we all knew Bush and Cheney wanted their damned war.

2009 is different. These people believe they can make a difference. We believe we can win. And that's not a slight of ego. We are all Iranians now. This is our fight, and I say bring it on.

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