Friday, June 19, 2009

Alltop Latest News From Iran

Alltop is a fantastic site that lists the latest Twitter feeds on Iran's Green Revolution. I've been finding it somewhat challenging to find good sources on Twitter, between the government narcs and the well-meaning people who just blather (they need to go back to celebrity gossip). So having this resource is absolutely essential for me.

I am astonished at the number of key players who have emerged during this past week. At the beginning of June, you had never heard of any of them. Now they are players on the stage of history. The Green Revolution is transforming all of our lives, in ways great and small. This is as significant as the end of the Cold War and we will feel the reverberations for many years.

Anyway, bookmark Alltop. And send them a box of Girl Scout Cookies.


Katie Johnson said...

Hey, I wanted to tell you how awesome I think it is that your blogging about whats going on in Iran. I've tried talking to people about it, but they many seem shockingly disinterested. So thank you for caring!

I have been using this site to keep updated:

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thanks a million, Katie. I never know if this blog even gets any readers, so it's always a shot in the arm if I'm getting attention. Don't have a clue if any of this works in the end, but you've gotta try.

And, yeah, I keep up with Nico Paley's page. He's my first go-to site, just after Andrew Sullivan.