Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Beat me!"

Remarkable footage. The person holding the cell phone camera is a young woman, who shouts, "Beat me! Beat me!" She is directly confronting the riot police, daring them to attack her. They do not, but instead attack others. As always, the bullies are laid bare as cowards.

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Anonymous said...

Just going to be anonymous since I have little idea what I talk about usually.
I wonder how many people read this since no comments seem to be going on? I guess staying in their own little world without diruptions is common. I'm not a great thinker or anything, just curious and don-trodden. Why are they rioting so much? Religion? Harsh rule? I am pretty naive and have little clue on what goes on in the world. I wonder though if these people manage to become victorious, wont the cycle just repeat itself? eventually someone might go over the rules and cause harm once more. But still I suppose it is human nature to go against what we believe to be wrong and fight for a better world. Whether that be through destruction or creation from destruction.
Why does religion have to be so powerful in life? I understand it can be good but there are so many horrible things as well against those who believe or don't believe a certain thing.
I wonder if this pulling out of Iraq/Iran is a good idea? Will this end up like that European nation that needed to have hidden footage filmed to reveal the carnage and gain asistance?
How many people even watch the news anymore anyway? And just how true is it? Seems to me people would rather see reality shows or competitions instead of understand the world around them? I have no clue.