Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Please Do Not Leave Us Alone"

An Iranian woman sends her passionate letter to the outside world in her people's moment of crisis.

Please, do not leave us alone - when the scope of the events is revealed the world will be astounded and will repent its silence. Do not let the representatives of the oppressive regime continue living peacefully while we are living in hell. Make their lives insufferable, let them have a taste of at least some of what they are making us go through.

The more intense the wave of protest, the better our chances of succeeding, despite the terrible, bloody price we are paying.

We cry out for your help, anything will assist - any approach to your foreign ministry and to international organizations to exert pressure on the regime to put an end to the bloodshed will help stop the serious violence. We must put an end to the violence, come what may, otherwise we do not know how many more victims will pay with their lives.

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