Thursday, June 18, 2009

Green Revolution Photos - The Fifth Cup of Coffee Edition

I've been busy on Twitter, sharing and sending as much news as I can get my hands on. To relax, I've been sending obscene messages to Iranian government narcs who try to pass themselves off as dissidents. Fortunately for the Greens, these pathetic losers are laughably bad.

Oh, and I've also been trying to school myself on the tools of cyber-warfare (what a damned absurd name) - things like setting up proxy servers, how to get around the censors, tracking down server numbers that people in Iran could use (and hoping they haven't been shut down yet).

To close out another long evening for me, here are another collection of excellent photographs from Tehran's massive protest rally on Wednesday. The stakes will only get higher on Thursday and Friday, as the various players in and outside the government continue to maneuver and make their moves. And through it all, the hope, the sheer hope. I will love to see this corrupt fascist government overthrown.

P.S. Did you know an American from Ohio was attacked by men in a vehicle throwing rocks for cyber-helping Iranians? This isn't a videogame, kids. The fascist regime means business. But, hey, if these thugs really want to rumble here in the US of A, go right the fuck ahead.

I do hope you have enjoyed seeing these photos. Show your support by sharing them with others. Steal as much as you want.

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