Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitter is Going Offline...For Maintenance?!

Twitter has routine maintence scheduled for 90 minutes tonight, at 9:45pm PDT. Try to contact them and ask them to reschedule. Twitter is the voice of the Green Revolution. We need this service to stay online as long as the crisis persists.

Twitter has posted the following message concerning the maintainence shutdown:

Update (2:03p): Unfortunately the timing of this maintenance period is not within our control as our provider needs to perform these network upgrades. We apologize for the outage and hope to be back from the maintenance as quickly as our host can perform the work.

Good grief. Of all the time to work on the have got to be freakin' kidding me. If the bad guys use the window of opportunity...c'mon Twitter, get on the ball. If this isn't an emergency, what is?!

We need to think of something fast. We still have Facebook, Flikr, the the blogs. Do we have groups on Facebook that can be used? Is email an option? What about message boards?

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