Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes They Can

A pair of short videos showing the enormous crowds that turned out for Tehran's silent march today. It is a thing of beauty and an inspiration. The Iranian people have become a model of peace and nonviolent resistance to the world.

Are you surprised by that idea? Perhaps you should be. The truth is that Iran's Green Revolution began some time ago, while the world slept. It's middle class grew and its people became wise. Now they are demanding the rights that are due to them, and they are showing us all how to change the world. And the way this has happened, almost spontaneously, across all levels of society, class, and stature. The people of Iran have spontaneously blossomed before our very eyes. And a great nation emerges from the darkness at last.

Sullivan has said it perfectly, as always. I don't know whether the people will win their freedom. By all rational accounts, it still seems almost impossible. But I believe it will happen. What a wonderful, inspiring people.

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