Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Feature - Art Gallery

I'm starting a new feature here at videogames of the DAMNED, the art gallery. These are the paintings from, which will now begin the long and slow migration here. My "main" website, which was born in January, 2003, hasn't been touched in any meaningful degree for a couple years, and at this point, it's unlikely I'll work with it again. In fact, I may have no choice, since Joe Osburn, my old roommate who hosted the site at his tech job, has now moved on to work somewhere else, and while he's moved my site to a secure server, I don't have the access codes for Dreamweaver! Ack!

That's okay. I've moved my center of gravity to the blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If I had extensive blogs and social networking sites back in 2K3, I would likely have never built my own website from scratch. But I'm still immensely proud of it, and I think it's a model of efficiency and design that was a necessity in the age of dial-up.

Anyway, I'm going to be posting the paintings from the art galleries, with the original essays or descriptions that went with them. Fortunately, is still alive and well, if you want to go there, too. Best of both worlds.

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