Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deep Thought

I'm impressed with all my old writings on video games, but I'm also left wondering why I expended so many hours, so much blood, sweat & tears on something that remains so trivial. Perhaps I was trying to elevate the medium towards something approaching art. Each new cultural movement needs its advocates.

I don't know if my writing ever made a difference in the world. That's a problem that continues to haunt me through my days. Maybe I've made a difference, maybe I've changed some minds. Maybe I'll achieve some notoriety and fame, and maybe I'm only amusing myself as the yawning grave awaits. Nobody knows.

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Karen said...

We all look back on our lives and wonder about the things that we have given so much of our time and energies to. This happens alot when we grow older. There will always be a certain amount of regret. In those times, I try to turn my thoughts heavenward, to
G-d and to His Son Jesus Christ. I am still hoping that one day you will come to know Him intimately and use your wonderful gifts and talents He has gifted you with for His Kingdom purposes, spreading the news to a lost world that they have a Savior.
I am very impressed with the way you have grown in your writing. You have matured and your newest Gilby website is beautiful. You have always impressed me with the way you can go out and embrace life, find new interests, and remain so healthy in your mind and heart. There is a great web site for folks to check out as they get older, how will the time they have left count for G-d and His wonderful Son, who gave all for us.
I can see you traveling, teaching,
being a missionary, amazing things are in store for you when you embrace your destiny in Christ Jesus.
your mother