Friday, September 04, 2009

Arctic Temps Highest in 2,000 Years

More good news from the global warming front.  You can read about it from the BBC and Daily Kos Dairies.  The cruel irony is that the Earth has been in a cooling phase for the past two thousand years; the normal temperature change is projected to be -0.5 in the 20th Century.  Instead, we're warming, warming, warming.

The warming during the 20th century (and first decade of the 21st century) contrasts sharply with the millennial-scale cooling, with the last half-century being the warmest of the past two millennia. Our synthesis, together with the instrumental record, suggests that the most recent 10-year interval (1999–2008) was the warmest of the past 200 decades. Temperatures were about 1.4°C higher than the projected value based on the linear cooling trend and were even more anomalous than previously documented.

And this civilization is still betting all the chips on denying reality?  Oh, that's going to be great. Just great.  You should probably start apologizing to your grandchildren now.

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