Monday, September 07, 2009

Hotter Than July

I understand we've been having a colder-than-usual summer here in Minnesota and much of the United States, and that has become fuel for the global warming deniers.  But if you bother to notice this strange and mystical place called, "the rest of the world," you'll discover that June and July were the second hottest on record.

Here is the NOAA report, and here is the NASA report.

The NOAA also smacks down the deniers (aren't these the real "baby killers, when ya get down to it?) on the reliability of US surface temperatures.  It's always an endless game of Wack-A-Mole with the right, and they'll just move along to the next bullshit claim.  But it's important to keep hittin' them.

Oh, and did everybody catch this piece of good news back in July?  Civilization is headed for collapse.  Oh, well, no big deal, la la la la laaah....

I really do wish human beings were intelligent.

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