Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hydro Thunder on Dreamcast

Games like Hydro Thunder are what made Sega Dreamcast great.  Now this is how you make a racing game - blistering speed, endless chills and spills, skillful track design, and touches of violence.  There's no effort at "realism," whatever that means.  These are what "arcade games" used to be like.

Midway branched the formula into other avenues - Arctic Thunder, 4 Wheel Thunder - which showed a genuine sense of creativity and willingness to roll the dice on different kinds of racers.  But the original was always the best, and I'm a bit curious why sequels were never created.  The Dreamcast surely could use at least one more, perhaps with 4-player racing.  Ah, well, I'm being greedy.  It's hard to find any faults with such a terrific game like Hydro Thunder.  And if I need my multiplayer fix, there's San Francisco Rush 2049, which is one of Dreamcast's spectacular standouts.

Enjoy the videos, kids.

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