Monday, September 28, 2009

Test Drive Le Mans on Sega Dreamcast

Unlike the Saturn, Sega's Dreamcast had a wealth of outstanding racing games.  Test Drive Le Mans is arguably the best; it certainly has the best gameplay, the most cars on the racetracks, and the ability to play a 24-hour race in realtime.  Yeah, that means literally racing for 24 hours.  I can't imagine that anyone actually did that, but at least it was there.

Ferrari 355 had the killer graphics, San Francisco Rush 2049 had the multiplayer deathmatches, and Le Mans had the gameplay.  It also allowed for 4-player games, like all the best Dreamcast games, further cementing the console's reputation as the greatest party console around. Frankly, I'd still rather play a Dreamcast than any of the current consoles.  No doubt nostalgia plays a large part in my thinking, since I'm clearly too old to keep playing videogames - the yawning grave looms and my time grows shorter and shorter.

Ah, well, whatever.  Let's have some beers and some 4-player Le Mans racing.  It'll be great.

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