Monday, August 16, 2010

EA Thinks You're a Chump, Part 2

EA Sports Active 2 is going to cost $100.  What this some kind of joke?!

EA will attempt to justify this monstrosity with the inclusion of a heart-rate monitor and a wireless leg strap.  Yes, that would be an improvement from sticking the nunchuk into the leg strap on Sports Active 1.  But I never offered to pay a king's ransom for a suitable replacement.  For all we know, the new attachment won't be an improvement at all.

I'm a strong supporter of the fitness games on the Nintendo Wii.  It's one of the great triumphs of the gaming world these past few years.  But this is outlandish.  Do these people even bother to watch the nightly news?  Who, exactly, has a hundred dollars to waste on a fitness game?  You can get an actual gym membership for that price, and possibly less.

This is a money-grubbing scam by a hardcore gaming company that only sees the Wii market as suckers.  EA hypes Wii fans for months with NBA Jam, and then dumps the game on PS360 for free.  EA turns Madden Football into a cartoon monstrosity that looks worse than NFL2K1 on the Sega Dreamcast.  I guess it's our fault for not allowing ourselves to be herded along mindlessly like lemmings for their lazy annual sequels.

Okay, EA, I get it.  The Nintendo Wii is beneath you, and you don't want to make any games for it.  So you do everything possible, short of dropping the system completely, to sabotage your own titles for the Wii.  Investors are demanding access to the 75 million customers, but you'd rather play with overblown HD graphics and DLC.

You don't want me to buy any of your games?  Fine.  Mission accomplished.  Have fun when the NFL takes away your license.

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