Saturday, September 18, 2010

Michael Jackson: The Experience on Nintendo Wii

Yes!  We have screenshots of the highly anticipated Michael Jackson: The Experience dance game for Nintendo Wii.  Ubisoft released new media for the game, and it looks...spectacular.

Also, did you hear the news that the Kinect and Move versions of Michael Jackson have been postponed until early next year?  I hadn't thought of the implications until this week's Tokyo Game Show.  But now, it seems clear to me that Nintendo played a hand.  The holiday season is where the video game business makes most of its money.  And Nintendo now has an exclusive lock on the two biggest dance games of the year - MJ and Just Dance 2.  These are system sellers, kids.  Don't doubt that for a second.

One of the biggest video game stories of the year has been Nintendo's aggressive and deepening involvement with third-party software developers.  They have collaborated with Capcom, Treasure, Tecmo, THQ, Activision/Eurocom, and now Ubisoft.  The only game that seemed to slip from their fingers is NBA Jam, a game that Electronic Arts sabotaged by giving to the HD Twins, literally, for free.  Aside from that, Satoru Iwata has been very successful.

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