Wednesday, September 08, 2010

German Military Study Warns of Peak Oil Crisis

Climate Progress delivers the goods, as always.  Shouldn't we be doing something about peak oil?  Is civilization really going to do absolutely nothing?  Really?  This is absolute madness.

Sometimes I wonder if the suits in charge are greedy bastards or just painfully incompetent.  Humanity is facing catastrophe on several fronts at once, and all as a result of our consumption of oil, gas and coal.  What part of "get off the fossil fuels" isn't getting through?  Is the money from these corporate behemoths that tempting?  Are you willing to sacrifice your grandchildren on the altar of $2 gas?

Look to Russia, children.  Look to Pakistan.  When crop failures become common, when food and water become scarce, when the economies of the world are crippled by dwindling resources, then you will understand.  But it will be too late.  Your children will die for your selfish delusions and your greed.  And they will know in their bones that you were warned for generations...and consciously chose to do nothing.

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