Monday, September 20, 2010

Trailer - Michael Jackson: The Experience on Nintendo Wii

Remember, kids, the Michael Jackson dance game will be a Nintendo exclusive this Christmas. Are there any doubts this won't become a monster hit? It surely would have been a critical title for Sony and Microsoft, as Move and Kinect struggle to win hearts and minds during these crucial months. Fortunately for Nintendo, that will never happen. If there were any true videogame journalists, they would be digging into this story and discovering all the details. Nintendo pulled off a coup with this title.

Just Dance 2 arrives at the beginning of October, and Michael Jackson follows a month later. With luck, both games will become blockbuster hits with the Expanded Audience. Everyone I know in Bogota will be begging me to bring home these games for Christmas.

Oh, and this commercial is very well made. Reminds me of last year's Just Dance ad campaign, only with a larger budget attached. Very little in-game footage shown, but the experience - ah, there's that word! - is what is being sold. This will succeed because it was in the minds of everyone who ever played JD. They have to make a Michael Jackson dancing game! Well, kids, congratulations. You got your wish. Happy holidays.

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