Monday, September 20, 2010

Video - Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis

Sony's Move controller was released last week, and right now, gamers are taking Sports Champions through the ropes.  Early word is very positive from the NeoGAF crowd, especially for the table tennis event.  We'll see how things develop and whether or not it becomes Sony's answer to Wii Sports.

Now here's some table tennis action from Wii Sports Resort.  This is just about my favorite event in the game, after bowling (of course!).  What impresses me is how Nintendo fully captures the arcade experience; this is not a simulation of table tennis, but a focused approximation.  The game is distilled to its pure essence, a Pong for the new century.  It's immediately accessible and always thrilling, especially with two players.

It will be interesting to see how Sports Champions table tennis compares a few months from now.  Will the greater degree of control make for a better game?  Or will the more simulation-like experience become a stumbling block?  In a sense, this is the ancient feud between arcade and computer games.  We could be talking about PS3 vs. Wii, or Commodore 64 vs. NES.

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