Friday, June 30, 2017

Art Gallery: Allison Krause

Allison Krause (2003)
Digital media

Allison Krause is named after one of the four victims of the Kent State shooting incident in 1970. As I was creating this 2003 Digital Artwork series in light of the Iraq War, which was waged recklessly and dishonestly, I sought inspiration in similar historical events. The protests and turmoil of the Vietnam War was one such source for ideas.

I should point out that naming my artwork in those days was the final act of creation, and I often found titles long after the paintings were finished. I wanted to avoid the typical naming cliches of abstract art, usually "untitled" or catalog numbers, instead seeking a title that would compliment or clash with the piece. Perhaps my inspiration for this idea was Kurt Cobain, whose song titles would have little to no direction connection to the music or lyrics. I really liked that idea, and wanted to bring those ideas to the world of modern art.

I really love this one. Definitely a favorite of the 2003 Digital album.

Here's what I wrote about this piece in in late 2003: "This is a really great painting. I managed to create an almost textured effect, like pre-rendered wool, that also shows a good mix of light and color. Maybe I'm repeating myself here, but it's a good piece that works well with the other four. As long as I could create something that didn't look obviously computer-generated, but more natural, I would be happy. You know that plastic Photoshop look I'm talking about."

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