Thursday, June 29, 2017

Art Gallery: A Tribute to Jasper Johns

A Tribute to Jasper Johns (2003)
Digital media

The second (in alphabetical order) piece in my 2003 Digital Painting series. This one was very clearly a tribute to one of my favorite abstract artists. I don't remember how this one came about, or how long it took to discover and refine the image. These pieces were very often a journey of discovery for me, like riding along a long jazz solo. There was always a degree of intention, but also combined with intuition. Very often, the most important editorial decision was to know when to stop.

It was always my intention that these digital paintings would be blown up to a much larger size and printed on canvas. That remains the vision in my mind. If we were to display these in a gallery exhibition on digital screens at their native resolution (512 x 512), that would translate to 5.5 inches square. Unfortunately, every one of these paintings was created at too low a resolution to be successfully printed and expanded. You need at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) for that, and these are roughly half that. If you blow them up, they'll become pixelated and fuzzy.

I'll have to work out a solution to this problem. I have a couple ideas.

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