Thursday, June 29, 2017

Art Gallery: The Cookie Incident

The Cookie Incident (2001)
Watercolors and liquid paper on canvas, 18" x 24"

I wrote the following description for this painting's page on my old arts website, in 2003. Enjoy:

So, now, what is "the cookie incident?" Here's the sordid story. In early 2001, a restaurant called the Loring Pasta Bar was opening in Dinkytown (where I live). The Pasta Bar was an offshoot of the Loring Cafe, one of the more well-known upscale-hipster places in Minneapolis, and the owner was expanding. Anyway, I arrived for the "open auditions" for waitstaff. When I came inside, the owner greeted each person in line with a cookie from a large bowl of homemade cookies. After having my picture taken, I filled out the application, and then took my turn taking a "mock" order; listen to an order, then carry a tray around the restaurant and return, reciting the order back. I didn't do too well; I think I remembered one or two of the items, but for the most part, this was food I had never heard of.

Oh, well. I stood in yet another line, this time to wait for interviews. While I was waiting, I saw the large cookie bowl. Most everybody who wished to apply had already arrived, and the bowl was still half full, so I walked up and grabbed another cookie. Apparently, this wasn't only my idea; as the restaurant owner grabbed the bowl and offered everyone another round. Good news for me!

That's when he noticed the other cookie in my hand.

So what does this owner do? Nothing much. He only starts bawling out loud, "Hey! You've got a cookie!" This grown adult then starts running around, finding any employee who will listen. "This guy has another cookie! He took a cookie!" This went on for at least a minute.

Turns out he was the owner of the place. I didn't get the job. Go figure.

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